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Recommended Enclosures:

Application Specific

Recommended for use in dedicated competition SPL systems only.

Not recommended for use in systems that will be used to play music

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The TREO Engineering Competition Series Extreme is designed for the dedicated Sound Pressure Level (SPL) enthusiast.  We have analyzed every component of this driver for maximum excursion and durability under the harshest imaginable competition scenarios.  This driver is capable of taking any amplifier on the market for tone bursts.  Whatever it takes to win...  CSX.


  • Available in 10, 12, 15, and 18 inch diameters.
  • Precision CNC-machined low-carbon steel motor structure with durable and attractive polished nickel finish (488oz on CSX10.xx & CSX12.xx, 874oz on CSX15.xx & CSX18.xx)
  • Double-stacked strontium ferrite magnets
  • Extreme excursion motor structure and suspension design
  • Five-layer Poly-ether UV-treated foam surround
  • Large diameter high-temperature double-stacked mirror-image Nomex dampers
  • Attractive anti-resonance Die-cast aluminum basket
  • Kevlar reinforced TREO-exclusive Penta-fiber cone
  • 3.0 inch high-temperature aluminum dual voice coils with integral heatsink
  • Capable of withstanding tone bursts from any commercially available amplifier
  • Dual 2 Ohm voice coils for a variety of installation options
  • Other voice coil configurations including quad voice coils available as a custom build option
  • Nickel-plated spring-loaded push terminals retain up to 8 AWG wire
  • Optimized for medium and large ported enclosures
  • Three-year dealer installed warranty
  • Built by hand in the United States from domestic and imported components

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